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Role of the Committee

The Presidential Committee on New Southern Policy is a special committee under the Presidential Commission On Policy Planning focusing on developing the core concepts and strategies of the New Southern Policy, managing boundary of responsibilities of diverse departments, identifying joint projects to be pursued by the Departments, and reviewing and assessing the performance and progresses.

nsp regin cointries

  • companties operation in the counties
  • relevant goverment agencies
  • diplomatic missions

policy control tower accompanying communication and coppertion

domestic support

  • private companies
  • academla
  • political circle

diplomacy for the people of the nation

adjust let to the people's eye level and let them perceive and participate to the policy

diplomacy for the benefits of the nation

enlarge our diplomatic territory and enhanve nation's global status

28. Aug. 2018

Launch of the Presidential Committee on New Southern Policy(NSP)

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