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India and ASEAN,

The Engine of Growth for a New World

  • A young and dynamic region with a fast growth rate

    Age average: 30years

    Population: 2 billion (GDP: 5.4 Trillion USD)

  • A spotlighted FDI region with a big consumer market

    Annual average growth rate(CAGR) of consumer market: 15%

  • Continuously increasing number of the middle class population

    Middle class is the main consuming population

    wich is expected to gain 5 times growth

59% of the world middle class consumption in 2030 will be a Southeast Asian consumer

ASEAN & India

Korea’s Main Destinations and Trade/Investment Partners


    ROK's most visited conuntries

    ROK's 2nd largest trading & investment partners

  • Visitor exchanges('17)

    Total trading volume('17)

  • India

    Populous country with a shared history & culture

    ROK's 7th largest importer

Completing the axis of peace and prosperity by connecting
the New Northern Policy, the New Southern Policy, and

the New Economic Map of the Korean Peninsula (J-nomics)

  • New Northern Policy

    Economic Cooperation with Eurasia

  • New Economic Map of the Korean Peninsula

    Pan Yellow Sea / DMZ / Pan East Sea Economic Belt

  • New Southern Policy

    ‘People-Centered Community of Peace & Prosperity’

Aim to complete the NEW Economic Map of the Korean Peninsula through open and inclusive New Southern Policy, together with New Southern Policy