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New Southern Policy

Directions for Promoting the New Southern Policy


A Community of


A Community of


A Community of

Greater mutual understanding through an expansion of exchanges

  • Increasing the number of mutual visitors
  • Expanding 2-way cultural exchanges
  • Supporting HR capacity building
  • Helping improve governance by enhancing public administration competencies, etc.
  • Promoting rights of Indian and ASEAN people staying in Korea
  • Offering support to improve quality of life

Building a base for mutually beneficial, future-oriented economic cooperation

  • Strengthening institutional framework for greater trade and investment
  • Actively participating in the develop ment of infrastructure aimed at greater connectivity
  • MSME cooperation and improved market access
  • Improving innovative growth competencies through new industries and smart cooperation
  • Designing a cooperative model tailored to each nation

Constructing a peaceful and safe environment in the region

  • Invigorating exchanges between Head-of-States and high-ranking officials
  • Greater cooperation for building a peaceful and prosperous Korean Peninsula
  • Expanding cooperation in national defense and the defense industry
  • Collective responses to anti-terrorism as well as cyber and maritime security
  • Better resilience to regional contin gencies